Industrial Designer
Job Description:

Responsible for medical equipment, home appliances, heavy machinery, mobile phones and other product design.

Job Requirements:1. Bachelor's degree, more than 2 years experience in the design industry;
2, has good hand-painted foundation, profound knowledge of materials technology;
3, thinking the system, collect good information flows, good communication and coordination;
4, with the artist's aesthetic, the poet's creative enthusiasm, business-minded businessmen.
Structural engineer
Job Description:
1. responsible for mobile phones, digital electronic design, equipment, medical products and other products;
2. responsible for project management and technical communication with customers;
3. exterior designer responsible for product manufacturability communication and can give a reasonable proposal.
Job Requirements:
1. proficient PROE software, familiar with digital products commonly used surface treatment technology, knowledge of the structure commonly used plastic materials, electronic products EMI, ESD knowledge;
2. able to complete the structural design of complex products, including architecture, design, structural detail design;
3. structure design experience, more than four years mobile phones, digital electronics, instrumentation equipment, medical products;
4. work dedication, teamwork hanging, thoughtful and innovative.
Design Director
Job Description:
1, product design direction of the control, design quality management;
2, summarizes the design methods, the standard design process;
3, designer training, design cutting-edge advice and knowledge exchange and sharing.
Job Requirements:
1, industrial design graduate, more than 5 years experience in the design or design management, project or product designs have overseas experience is preferred;
2, there is a good market sensitivity, consumer research related to methods and techniques to master, a better product planning capability;
3, thinking system, good observation, summarize, analyze, refine;
4, excellent communication skills, team management and project management excellence.
Sales Manager
Job Description:
1, for consumer electronics, medical products, equipment design enterprises to promote sales;
2, customer relationship research, business negotiation, contract signing;
3, with the follow-up project, management of payment;
4, with the department related work.
Job Requirements:
1, a good business negotiation and skills;
2, good thinking the overall project planning;
3, the ability to establish and maintain good customer relations;
4, objective and initiative to open up strong.
Financial Director
Job Description:1, overall responsibility for the daily work of the Finance Department.
2, monitoring the company's financial situation, good forecasting and analysis to ensure a healthy and stable financial situation. Abnormal condition occurs when a large, special tips, analyze the reasons.
3. Financial statements and financial analysis, preparation of audit and accounting documents of the financial statements. And liaison with the accounting firm to audit the annual financial statements, contact and with the tax office and perform forensic tax report.
4. Capital daily and periodic financial statements audited summarize various costs of compliance. Fund payments in timely detection of problems, to protect the safety and integrity of company funds. Supervision cashier receipts and disbursements timeliness and accuracy. And timely to remind the relevant departments to do collection work claims.
5, the overall balance of the company's total budget and supervise the implementation, control costs, reimbursement of the various costs of the audit.
6, audit tax returns.
7, responsible for the construction and improvement of the financial system, and supervise the implementation in place.
8. The decision to arrange the company's actual situation and leadership, in particular financing Loan.
9, other daily work and other tasks assigned by the leadership.
Job Requirements:1, with the qualification certificate, degree or above, financial management, accounting, economic management and other related majors, more than eight years of accounting experience, more than five years of management experience in finance department of a listed company experience, IPO preparation Full process Work experience is preferred.
2, skillfully tax planning, grasp and make good use of preferential policies.
3, skilled use of office software and financial software.
4, have good professional ethics, upright, honest; there is a strong sense of responsibility, careful and meticulous work; strong organizational, communication skills, able to work under pressure.
Rigid requirements: from the share reform experience to the successful listing IPO experience
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