Brand Strategy 
Newplan through the analysis for the target brand, uses product idea to sort out the brand from a competitive market to find the best force point to explore the most value for the different levels of the different types of brand customers.

Product line Planning
Newplan will provide a full product line planning to the clients who has finished the brand strategy, including the PI product identification, product line definition content to form a product development ideas from the strategy system.

Product Strategy
Product strategy part will provide precise and detailed plan to complete the last two contents, also it provides a macro product development thinking.

Management of Design Team
Through ten years of experience in team management and project management experience, we give the target customer group the  management ideas and advanced management methods, organization and management team to enhance the level of customer

Development Process Arrangement
Product development is a systems project which integrate the time, efficiency and person resources. Improving process efficient and reducing development costs can give the products faster performance on the market. We can provide complete system or the details of the advisory program to the target client based on the development system from product definition to final mold follow-up and market feedback.

Building of Development Evaluation System 
Through accurate product evaluation, clients evaluation and consumer evaluation, we assess design development process, while from the use of resources, human resources management and efficiency control to improve the design process, the target is to maximize the system resource.

Management of Design Resource
Through professional collaboration and contact with downstream suppliers, we strive to make full use of resources, while also providing resources for the target management platform to explore the links between different customer groups

Product engineering

According to product planning, we provide more clear targeted research, including market segments and groups, specific product features, problem description, interactive experience, etc., then  provide the accurate outline of product solutions.

Design Definition
Based on product planning and specific product research results, we propose  product positioning, price, channel, production costs,etc.

Provide different solutions to the same problem.

System solution
Due to the limitation of the cost, hardware requirements and resources, we evaluate and choose the right product concept and design a valuable produc systemt prototype, including the structure solution, mechanics solution, material selection, etc.

Proceed the industrial design combined with the product function, usage, ergonomics.

Mechanical design
It is a working process to design, analyze and calculate based on operating requirements for mechanical operating principle, structure, mode of motion, transfer mode of force and energy, material and size of each part, and then convert to detailed description to provide manufacturing basis.

Prototype making
Based on fully completed design, make prototype to verify the details from the design to the use of the product then improve the final design.

Mass production
Ensure the design quality by following up the mass production and real-time monitor.

Market show
All kinds of product exterior design includes from the marketing promotion, sales strategy to the packaging and display design, etc.

Following feedback
Effective track on the feedback from the market to provide the base or experience for the next generation product.

Pl planning
The unified planning to the entire product line, including determination of product visual image, usage of design language, colors and logos which the similar products should comply with.

Manage producing sources
During more than ten years, Newplan has collected hundreds of sources covering all kinds of industry. With the cooperation of the largest company, we build up a whole line from the best to the lowest cost. From the most forward looking to the pragmatic, they are the best suppliers for the most clients.

Manufacture parts of shell
Newplan has its own production center to provide the plastic shell production, also has monitoring system to ensure the quality of product.

Produce finished products
Newplan has assembly center to offer the production assembly services.

Logistics service
Through a wide range of resource integration, Newplan can ensure the transport cost and the supply arrive on time.