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Inike Direct Drinking Machine 2012,Shenzhen Creative Design Award

Adjusting measures to local water, the R&D team of Inike direct drinking machine focuses on innovative research and development of high-quality and anti-penetration pure water targeting to diversified water environment, weather conditions and water handling. Through it has high awareness in “water” profession, Inike does need to create one kind of star product to expand high-end market and further play its brand influence.
The direct drinking machine designed by the project team does work. In terms of its appearance and shape, high-end positioning and technical energy-saving concept are fully represented by jumping out of conventions of the industry. Moreover, differing from the shape of heavy, mono-color and silvery sink-like metal plate in traditional direct drinking machines, Inike direct drinking machine has mysterious texture by adopting black titanium wire drawing stainless steel running through its body.
After putting into market, the products are very popular in users with rising sales. Now the follow-up products are in cooperative development.