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Chint photovoltaic inverter 2011,Red Dot Product Design Award

Chint is founded in 1984 with largest production and sales of low-voltage apparatus in China. It is engaged in development, production and sales of distributing apparatus, control circuit apparatus, terminal apparatus, electrical power apparatus, power electronics of over 100 series and 10000 specifications. Chint Electrical products have been sold in over 90 countries and areas. It has been world top solution provider of low-voltage apparatus.
Photovoltaic inverter is a electronic adjusting device composed by semiconductor apparatus, mainly used switching direct current to alternating current. It is always composed by boost circuit and inverter-bridge circuit. Boost circuit would boost direct current of solar battery to direct current required by output control of inverter. Inverter-bridge circuit would equally converse boosted direct current to alternating current with common frequency.
CPS SC2.8KTL is the product of Chint family roof system for photovoltaic system required by household electricity. It is usually in parallel connection with power grid. Power supply from photovoltaic matrix would be provided for household appliances and surplus power supply for power grid input. Insufficient power supply produced from photovoltaic at night or in cloudy days would be partially or totally supplied by power grid for household appliances. This kind of photovoltaic system has several advantages and would be important component of future distributing power generation. Power level of general household roof system would be under 10KW.
CPS SC2.8KTL would be used for all kinds of household and commercial roof. To be portable and reliable, the product performance has been greatly improved with maximum conversion efficiency to 97.5%. Products of SCE series have added built-in DC Switch and RS485 communication interface to improve safety, flexibility and communication networking ability.

Integration of simple modeling lines and high-end aluminum nameplate is to present the meanings of “technology, reliability and humanization” and brand culture of Chint power system.
High efficiency: maximum conversion efficiency of 97.5%; maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ≥99.9%, without transformer.
High reliability: strict derating design, perfect protective functions, real time monitoring, islanding protection.
Strong adaptability: wide input range of MPPT, support multiple languages, DC switch built-in, convenient operation.
After launching, sales volume has been greatly improved with good reputation. By its professional appearance, excellent visual effects and remarkable product quality, it has won 2011 German Reddot Award.