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Liandi intelligent desk self-service terminals


At present, there are two normal schemes all with deficiencies in practical application which are based on portable computer and mobile POS. In portable computer scheme, peripheral devices are over abundant and difficult for carrying. Deficiencies of mobile POS with small display functions, little memory spaces and weak hardware processing capacity are difficult to meet requirements of business presentation. In era of praising multi-functions, it would integrate several functions together for better performance.

As intelligent terminals, multi-media POP W280 would achieve perfect combination of financial POS and commercial POS. First target of the design is compact, portable and experiencing. Ultrathin fuselage and hidden support would satisfy two using situations of storage and desk type. 7 inch handwriting screen has several possibilities for experience. Aluminum alloy materials would destroy tedious characteristics of traditional products and make financial electronic products fashionable.
With multi-functions and integration functions, the products would win great favor from customers after launching market.